Under construction - Internet action

22nd-28th of April, Beatenberg

SCI Switzerland organizes an international seminar with 18 partner countries. We will gather activists from SCI branches and partner organisations from all over Europe. The aim is to share our knowledge and experience about campaigning with social media and to develop and launch a new campaign ...


View on the situation in Ukraine

Letter from our Ukrainian branch

Dear friends from all over the world,
Some of you are following the situation about Ukraine in media. There is different information in the different sources, but as Ukrainian citizen I want to deliver a truth for your minds and hearts.
The truth is next ...


T-Shirt competition

We are looking for the new SCI Switzerland t-shirt for summer 2014!

Do you have a creative idea and the skill to transform it into a printable file? Then send us your proposition for a new t-shirt design.

We will select the best proposal and print it for our volunteers ...