Coordinate a Workcamp this summer!


We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for camp coordinators for the workcamp season in 2023! This is a nice opportunity to get involved as a volunteer in a social or ecological workcamp in Switzerland during the summer.

As a camp coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating between volunteers from various countries and the local project partner in Switzerland. You’ll work alongside other volunteers, and get to learn and discover new things together.

To be considered for this position, you’ll need to have basic knowledge of English and at least one national language. You must also currently live in Switzerland and be willing to participate in the preparatory seminar (3-4 June). There will be specific workshops for campcoordinators to prepare you for your role, possible challenges and tasks.

As a camp coordinator, you’ll receive free participation in the workcamp, including meals and lodging. Travel expenses will be reimbursed on a half-fare basis upon request. Additionally, camp coordinators will receive a trial membership for one year free of charge.

For volunteers up to 30 years, it is possible to get an extra holiday week as coordinator see Jugendurlaub – auch für dich! (in German, French, Italian and English).

This is an amazing opportunity to participate in a meaningful project and make a contribution to the culture of peace and social justice (; If you are passionate about volunteering, meeting new people and discovering local initiatives, we encourage you to apply!

If you are interested in being a camp coordinator, please contact Hannah ( as soon as possible!


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