100 years of SCI

Our history

In 1920, the Service Civil International (SCI) came into action for the first time. People from the former warring countries worked together in reconstruction projects in war-torn France. This first civilian peace operation was organized by the Swiss Pierre Cérésole.

Through this type of civilian volunteering he wanted to counteract the prevalent militarism and foster peace between the nations. The current philosophy of SCI is based on this founding idea.

100 Actions for Peace

During the anniversary year, SCI International launched the “100 Actions for Peace” campaign to celebrate 100 years of SCI. Worldwide there are 100+ “Actions for Peace” events and actions for peace.

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„Actions for Peace“ in Switzerland

June 27 – July 7 , Mont-Soleil (BE)

Wikipedia articles are researched, our own articles on Global Justice are written and translated.

* Limited places

September 21 , Schweizerischer Friedensrat (Swiss Peace Council) (ZH)

During the International Day of Peace, SCI and the Swiss Peace Council will organize an event devoted to peace.

December 5 – various cities in Switzerland

Street action on the topic of volunteering and peace.

August 22 , Camping Eichholz (BE)

Celebrate with us 100 years of SCI on the Aare in Bern with a cozy barbecue evening.

*Open to all

November 17 (6 – 9 pm), Waiting room Kafee (BE)

The human library creates a space for discussion and exchange.

Words about Deeds

The book “Words about Deeds” looks back on a long history of international civil service for peace. Various articles underline the stages and developments of SCI with the help of voices and portraits of activists from the 100 years of SCI.

The book was published by SCI International in Antwerp in collaboration with the international archive in Switzerland.

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