Deeds and Words: actions to help ease the situation in Ukraine


SCI Switzerland is shocked and disturbed about the current war against Ukraine. Within our international network and inside Switzerland, we are collecting ideas of activities and actions we can support to help ease the situation in Ukraine.

We have gathered different initiatives we would like to present here. Please support them if you can

Within Switzerland

There are some organisations you can support: 

Within the SCI network

You can either support SCI Poland (OWA Poland) who are doing a number of activities to help Ukrainian refugees.

OWA Poland further recommends supporting this organization which is helping refugees on the Ukrainian-Polish border (and also Belorusian-Polish border) called “Fundacja Ocalenie”You can transfer money through this Facebook page.

What can we contribute as SCI Switzerland?

SCI has a lot of know-how and experience to put people from different corners of society in contact with each other, by means of organizing intercultural projects such as workcamps, youth exchanges, longterm projects, seminars, trainings, meetings, Living Library projects – always with the main goal to enable different people with different backgrounds to meet, exchange and learn from each other. 

What could we do at home?

There is a danger of witnessing – small but unpleasant – actions against Russian people and a general rise in nationalism and nationalist sentiments. It could be a task of SCI to create various platforms of exchange and dialogue for Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian citizens and other locals to be in contact (maybe like a Living Library event). These exchange platforms can help to create peace and understanding, hopefully avoiding more violent actions in the future. 

We can start from within ourselves, please be aware of this and try to act responsibly and peacefully in your everyday life. 

If you know more resources and organizations we should support, please let us know and we can add it to this list! Write to us at (also if you have questions and/or comments).

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