“I would go to Russia again in a heartbeat because the country is so unique and special and you can immerse yourself in a different culture and also a bit of a different world! Through this experience abroad I learned a lot for life and got to see new views inmanyareas. I would recommend it to anyone!”.”

Gloria Aeberhardt (Praktikum in St. Petersburg 2020)

With an internship of 1-6 months you will get to know Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan directly and from different sides. With a local company, an NGO or a public institution you will get a deeper impression of everyday life in the host country. Internships are possible in the following countries and towns:

  • Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek, Ak-Suu
  • Uzbekistan: Namangan

You usually live with a host family during your internship.

Our partner organizations can organize engagements, for example, in the following spheres:  NGO, children’s home, tourism, national library, rehabilitation center for children, agriculture, handicrafts, zoo, radio and a lot more. We would be happy to advise you as your long-term engagement is taking shape.


What you need are initiative, tolerance and commitment in order to be able to make contact with other people and to adapt to the new circumstances. Professional experience is not required. We recommend  taking a language course to start with, if you do not yet speak Russian. This is often demanded. Language course and internship can wellbe combined. But you can also do the two in different towns – one after the other.

For advice or if you have any questions, please contact Nathalia:, 031 381 46 20

With an internship of 1-6 months you will get to know Russia, Ukraine or Kyrgyzstan directly and from different sides.

Other projects

Language course

Take a language course during your stay and learn the language of your host country

Stay with a host family

Living with a host family for some time means seeing the host country through their eyes

Group study trip

 Discover Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan with your class, club or group

Voices of Volunteers

Read reports from volunteers from around the world on the SCI International blog. Let yourself be inspired by their experiences!

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