International Training Course RutAlternativa


Call for Participants: Erasmus + International Training Course RutAlternativa

Novi Sad, Serbia

4th-11th October 2021

We are looking for 2 Swiss residents!

Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina (SCI Serbia) is opening a call for participants in the frame of the project RutAlternativa.

This international training course is part of the Erasmus + KA1 (Mobility of youth workers) project RutAlternativa, aimed at enabling youth workers to train their peers, colleagues and young people in their cities to become creators and organizers of educational walking tours which aim to explore the different realities of a place and to tell alternative stories about it.

Educational walking tours are (mainly volunteers-based) organized guided walks through a city or a neighborhood, with the purpose of presenting individuals and groups the experiences of those living in a certain place, through their unique perspective: these walks take place in many
cities around the world, and they have different purposes, such as bringing locals close to the cultures and traditions of migrants in their cities, raising awareness on the life conditions of urban homeless persons, and so on.

Any topic can be involved in educational walking tours: climate change, social movements, youth cultures, biodiversity, urban gardens, cultural diversity, gentrification are just some of the areas that can be covered! Target groups of these tours can be locals, visitors, persons belonging to a specific group, ie. certain professionals who are interested in getting to know more about a certain issue, or even members of local authorities and decision-makers.

Read the call for participants carefully. In this document you will find the aims, methods, venue, participants’ profile, logistics & financial conditions and how to apply.

Contact us if you are interested (!

Applications are open until August 31st!

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