Project Group “Intercultural Volleyball”

SCI Switzerland has always been working on promoting interculturality through all of its projects and activities in Switzerland and across the world.

And to follow its values regarding peace and coexistence, the organization have started a fun project in Bern, which consists of an Intercultural Volleyball Game each Thursday from 20.30-22h in the Marzili gymnasium (Brückenstrasse 71) where the players are amateurs and play for the fun and socializing with people from different backgrounds.

All are welcome ! We recommend contacting in advance.

Certain roles


Supervise a group of international volunteers in Switzerland for two weeks!

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If you are a non-profit organization or a company based in Switzerland, you can organize a workcamp at your place.

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Do your civil service with us as a camp coordinator in workcamps or as a cook at seminars and training courses.

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Support an EVS volunteer personally during his or her stay in Switzerland – show him or her your favorite places and meet up for a coffee or tea every now and then.

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Would you like to support us in making SCI better known? Distribute flyers, brochures and posters, use social media to share posts or organize an information stand.

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