Mini-Workcamp: Wild Bee Sand Lentils and Tree Planting Days with “Wendy‐Welt” Lebenshof



For the second time, SCI Switzerland is supporting the “Wendy-Welt” Lebenshof in the Aargau Jura with a Mini-Workcamp. The Mini-Workcamp will take place from Friday, 11 to Sunday, 13 November.

Who would like to lend a hand? We will build sand lentils for wild bees and plant trees and shrubs.

We will create nesting aids for wild bees with homemade sand lentils. Three out of four native wild bee species nest on the ground, so sand lentils in sunny locations are very popular with the bees.

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They carry out the so-called photosynthesis and are the “green” lungs of our nature. During this process they filter the air, bind carbon and produce oxygen. Trees and shrubs are also a vital foundation for our wildlife. The blossoms and fruits provide food for a wide variety of animals.

These tree planting and wild bee sand lentil building days are not only about working, but also about socialising, exchanging ideas and having fun together.

Previous knowledge is not necessary! You will be guided by experts and everyone will do what they can.


The Wendy-Welt Lebenshof provides a safe and species-appropriate habitat for abandoned, unwanted and homeless animals. The animals are allowed to stay with them until the end of their lives. Each animal is cared for according to its needs and, if necessary, receives the necessary medical care.


Friday 11 November: arrival at 19.00 at Lebenshof Wendy‐ Welt / Valurhof. We will visit the farm and have dinner together.

Saturday 12 November: Workday. 

Sunday  13  November: We  will  work  in  the  morning  and  on  the  afternoon,  after  a  snack,  we  will  return home.


There are 4 double bunk beds in one room (dormitory). Personal sleeping bags must be brought along. Food and accommodation will be provided by Wendy Welt. The volunteer days are rounded off with a vegan meal together in a cosy atmosphere. The costs for accommodation and food will be covered.


Fill out this form by 27 October. If you have any questions, please contact or call 031 381 46 20.

As soon as you have filled out the form, we will contact you and send you all the information (programme, directions, contact phone number, what you need to bring…).


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