Update: COVID-19 and Workcamps 2021

Information for Swiss residents

What does it mean for the workcamps season 2021 in Switzerland?

  • The application for workcamps (short-term volunteering) is open.¬†
  • The pandemic has shown us that we need to focus on local projects. We believe that volunteering locally is important to promote diversity and interculturality in the community and is a tool for personal and collective empowerment.
  • Workcamps will only happen if the national and cantonal regulations can be respected and the safety of participants and local communities can be ensured.
  • We have reduced the number of participants and – depending on the project – it may be possible to have the volunteers stay in separate rooms or sleep in tents (climate and weather permitting). This can reduce the risks of infections, especially when the actual camp activities take place outside.
  • You can already apply now, but please do not book tickets (or just refundable tickets) for travelling yet. At least four weeks before the start of the workcamp, we will confirm if the workcamp will actually take place.
  • Participants will only have to pay the participation fee once we send out the final confirmation that the workcamp will happen.
  • Depending on the safety measures taken by the government, we will update the information and adapt the living and working conditions to each specific project.
  • Stay healthy & positive ūüôā

? Questions about COVID-19 and workcamps? Contact us! placement@scich.org

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Last week the Swiss Federal Council announced that measures against the coronavirus will be cautiously eased throughout Switzerland starting on March 1st. What does it mean for the workcamps season 2021 in Switzerland?

Picture: David Datzira

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