Workcamps "Assistance in the youngster's language camp"

The goal of these four workcamps (for Swiss residents only) in Liddes VS is to offer teenagers free-time activities…


Update: COVID-19 and Workcamps

This is an update on how we intend to guarantee your safety and health at workcamps 2021

26.02: Nomadic Art Camp (project of bArtCenter, Kyrgyzstan)

This project is a combined volunteering and is looking for a volunteer! Help with the organization of the nomadic art camp!

16.12.20: Webinar Series "The environment explained"

We want to organise a series of webinars where we want to deepen different perspectives on environment…

7.12.20: Online Workcamp - "Wikipedia for Peace: Women's Suffrage"

Women in Switzerland were the last in Western Europe, gaining suffrage on 7 February 1971, 50 years ago…


9.11.20: Internship in Europe (European Voluntary Service)

We are looking for swiss residents between 17 – 29 years old for different internship positions all over Europe.

21.10.20: Online Training - Gender Matters!

Gender-based conflicts around gender stereotypes, distribution of care work and manual labour…

19.10.20: Online Training - Peace in Practice

Do you agree that we all deserve peaceful lives, with peaceful minds, non- violent interactions…


5.10.20: SCI Schweiz erhält den 8. Prix Civiva

Alt-Bundesrätin Ruth Dreifuss sprach von der Wichtigkeit unseres Engagements…


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