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Would you like to participate in a Tent of Nations workcamp in Palestine? We’re excited to announce that Zelt der Völker, the Swiss association supporting the establishment of an independent Palestinian meeting and peace institution on the grounds of the Nassar family vineyard, will cover the additional costs of the program on site for participants living in Switzerland. This means you will only need to pay for your participation fee to SCI Switzerland, your travel to and from Palestine, and the local project will take care of the rest.

The additional costs we’re referring to amount to 150 CHF, and they cover various aspects of the workcamp experience, such as food and accommodation. By covering these costs, Zelt der Völker is helping to make the workcamp accessible to a wider range of participants.

Tent of Nations is a small educational and environmental family farm that works to promote peace, and justice in Palestine through various initiatives, including organic farming, education, and community building. Their workcamps offer volunteers an opportunity to contribute to the projects, and connect with local communities and cultures.

If you’re interested in joining us for a workcamp and you live in Switzerland, don’t hesitate to apply! We look forward to welcoming you in the Tent of Nations and working together towards peace.

Below is a list of the Workcamps organised by Tent of Nations that will take place in Palestine this year.


(22 – 31 May) Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up

During the twelve days workcamp, you will experience the way we are taking care of the new planted trees in a dry climate. In addition to harvesting, the volunteers will also assist with weeding as well as removing grass around the various fruit trees in areas where cultivation is not possible. This is very important to keep the trees healthy, to see the grass as food for the livestock, and also to reduce the risk of fire during the long summer and hot months.

(12 – 22 June) Cave Renovation Camp, and Harvesting Fruits. History is a foundation for the future

During the 10 days workcamp volunteers will help to harvest apricots and other fruits, as well as to make jam. Apart from that, volunteers will help to renovate a cave that will be used for living. Before starting the renovation process it is very advisable to learn about the types of caves and be careful while renovating.

(03 – 15 July 2023) From the Ground And Up”. Creativity & Talents

This camp will be held for local children from the Bethlehem region to take part in Arts, music, dance, theater, sport and games on a daily  basis. This will also be a chance for children to meet volunteers from different countries and cultures. Children will learn about their own rural heritage in a peaceful location and how to be connected with the ground. The children’s summer camp will be educational and will promote tolerance and peace and will challenge prejudice, but most importantly it will be a chance for the children to have a break from the politics that overwhelm their childhood.

(07 – 17 August 2023) The Almond Tree & Learning Hope

August is the month of picking Almonds and apples. It is always useful to have more people sharing this significant time together with the Tent of Nations, volunteers and other young people. Young people from different backgrounds will camp out for ten days. During this  time they will pick almonds and other fruits and also help in do the processing, like making jam out of the apple and other fruits.

(04 – 14 September 2023) Grape and Fig Harvest camp “A branch cannot bear fruit by itself”

As August/September are the months of picking grapes and figs, it is always useful to have more people sharing this significant time together with the Tent of Nations, volunteers and other young people. Young people from different backgrounds will camp out for ten days. During this time  they will pick the harvest and also help in the process of making grape and fig jams, dry figs and grapes, make syrup and juice.

(23 Oct – 02 Nov 2023) Olive Harvest Camp “Rooted in the ground, like an olive tree”

The olive harvest camp is provided for both Locals and internationals. Volunteers will pick olives, prune the olive trees and learn how to take care of them.

There are more than 300 workcamps around the world. If you want to check out all the workcamps taking place abroad, have a look at the Workcamps search engine. You can filter by date, country and topic. If you would like to participate in a Workcamp in Switzerland, you will find all volunteer projects in this list.

If you want to get to know more about the conditionscosts and registration process, you can find it here. In addition, we organise monthly online information events about the Workcamps – sign up for one!

If you have any questions you can write to or call us on 031 381 46 20.

How to apply for a Workcamp? Read this!

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