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You will receive the members’ magazine ‘SCI-Newsletter’ 3 times a year, you can vote at the annual meeting and you will benefit from a reduced participation fee for workcamps

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You will support our workcamp organization in Switzerland, projects  concerning peacebuilding, sustainable development and non-violent conflict resolution and you will enable disadvantaged volunteers to engage themselves (e.g. people with a refugee background)

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Legacies and inheritances are valuable gifts and are especially important to us, because they enable long-term projects to foster peace

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As a member you receive our member magazine “SCI Newsletter” 3 times a year (in French or German). Here you can discover our current magazine online!

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With an inheritance or a legacy

A legacy or inheritance donated to SCI Switzerland is a sign of commitment and a valuable gift to support the continued peace work of our organization.

We are always available for further information on inheritances or legacies.

If you have any questions, please contact Francesca Albanello:

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