**This project is no longer running. If you are interested in local volunteering and migration, you can find more information here.**

A group of SCI volunteers organizes games and theater afternoons for children from asylum-seeking families in the Länggasse transition center in Bern. Volunteers plan and lead the game afternoons together.

The aim of the game afternoons is to offer regular activities to children and adolescents from the Länggasse transition center and to introduce them to creative means of expression such as improvisation in theater, dance and painting.

Through play and creative work, self-confidence, autonomy, respect and the recognition of difference can be developed. In a further step, an exchange with Swiss children and adolescents is planned in order to actively bridge cultures and break down prejudices.

Help along

Would you like to regularly – together with other volunteers – organize creative afternoons for children, and look after them? Contact Hannah: 

The TheaterFlucht project group is the winner of the YoungCaritas Award 2015.