“We believe that education plays a fundamental role when striving for peace and development. Education is a human right. In our training courses, we use the Non Formal Education (NFE) method – meant to be participatory and accessible to everyone. Through dialogue and intercultural exchange, we can promote a critical understanding of the world and changes in our society.“

SCI Team

Pre-departure Training

During our pre-departure training you will learn more about our volunteer engagement, the workcamps and long-term projects. Moreover, you will also get to know our values ​​and goals.  We deal with challenges in international workcamps or long-term projects and will offer you various workshops on topics such as interculturality, conflict resolution, non-violent communication, group dynamics, cultural prejudices/stereotypes, Global Justice, racism, post-colonialism, gender and safe spaces and much more. In addition, volunteers will report on their experience in the field, and will give you valuable tips.

Participation in the pre-departure training is compulsory for minors who want to participate in a workcamp or LTV project.

We organise three preparatory seminars per year. These usually take place in spring (February/March), summer (June/July) and autumn (October/November). Please contact us if you would like to do a long-term assignment so that you can be sure of attending a preparatory seminar in advance.

Are you interested in participating? Contact us:

The next pre-departure training will take place on the following date: Saturday 16 March 2024 in BernRead more 

Upcoming Training courses

Peace training courses

Peace is a big concept. It has many layers and levels of understanding. Throughout this year and beyond, SCI hopes to broaden young people’s understanding of and engagement with peace, as something more than just ‘absence of war’. We want to show that peace is something which can be lived on a day-to-day basis”. (SCI International)

Peace in Practice (2020)

The training course shed some light on the three levels of peace (“inner peace”, “peace with others” and “peace with nature”).

Peace for Change, Change for Peace (2022)

The project goal was to build the capacity of around 60 youth workers to gain competences essential for building a peaceful and nonviolent world.

Educators for Peace (2023 - 2024)

We will organise 2 training courses (November 2023 & April 2024), where the participants will learn, share and exchange on how to work for peace.

Publications & Toolkits

SCI Toolkits

The Power Behind Good Intentions (2021)

A toolkit for critical European volunteering organisations and Global Education practitioners

Free to be You and Me (2019)

The toolkit provides information on gender and sexuality, practical guidelines and easy-to-use tools

The Dailyplate Project (2020)

A toolkit and a cookbook about how our values should and can be represented in our food consumption

Peace on the Streets (2019)

Tools, best practices, knowledge around campaigns and street actions for youth workers and peace activists


Exploring humour in non-formal education and youth projects

Building Bridges (2017)

Know-how on voluntary projects involving asylum seekers & refugees as well as raising awareness on forced migration

Publications from other organizations

The "BreakFree!" Project

The “BreakFree!” Project is a joint project of the SAJV and the ‘Milchjugend’,  in cooperation with “Du bist Du”;  its aim is to strengthen the inclusion of LGBT + youths in youth organizations.

Other publications