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1 - 3 Weeks

Abroad / Switzerland

+ 16-18 years

Workcamps in Switzerland 2024

[14 – 16 June] Mini-Workcamp: Participe à un week-end pour créer des liens entre les humains, la nature, les animaux et la créativité à travers la coopération (en Valais) !

FULL [23 June – 06 July] Botanical Garden Alpinum Schatzalp (Davos GR)

[28 June – 05 July] Wikipedia for Peace: Not Your Soldier (St. Imier BE)

[20 July – 03 August] Holiday camp for asylum-seeking children (Haute-Nendaz VS)

FULL [21 July – 03 August] Alpine pastures and climbing (Le Châble VS)

[22 July – 02 August] Intercultural Building Project (Zürich ZH)

[28 July – 10 August] Nature Parc Ela – Preserving traditional cultivated landscapes (Savognin GR)

[28 July – 10 August] Pro Terra Engiadina (Sent GR)

[02 – 04 August] Mini-Workcamp: Take part in a vegan-organic weekend in Sornetan (BE) in August!

[03 –  16 August] Local non-profit music festival “Hors Tribu” (Môtiers NE)

[10 –  17 August] Art Camp (Solothurn SO)

[25 August – 07 September] Gipsgrueb Community (Ehrendingen AG)

[18 – 31 August] Chestnut forest preservation in Misox (Soazza GR)

FULL [08 – 21 September] Botanical Garden Alpinum Schatzalp (Davos GR)

[20 – 22 September] Mini-Workcamp: Nimm Teil am Kunst- und interkulturellen Austausch in Solothurn im September!

FULL [22 – 28 September] Maintain vitality of Alpine biodiversity (Villars-sur-Ollon VD)

[24 September – 23 October] Wikipedia for Peace: Stop – Fake News and War Propaganda (Online Camp: 7 sessions over 1 month)

Long-Term-Volunteering (LTV)

In a long-term assignment, you as a volunteer will make a large contribution to a charitable project in AsiaAfricaLatin AmericaUKSpainNorth America. The duration is 1 – 12 months. You will immerse yourself in a different culture and acquire new skills that will enrich you personally and that will also help you when you return to Switzerland. From 18 years old.


There are some free places for short- and long-term projects in Cambodia. Find your project here.

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European Voluntary Service (EVS)

6 - 12 months


between 17 - 30 years

free of cost


1 - 12 months

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

From the age of 18

Art Project with Children


Nomadic Art Camp


Art Recidency Preparation in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan


Volunteering in a school

Namangan, Uzbekistan

Upcoming Training courses