Volunteer work for schools with SCI Switzerland

We began our collaboration with schools in 2022. Since then, we’ve sent more than 120 students to projects in different parts of Switzerland.

We're committed to a culture of peace

Your class spends between 2 and 3 days (a week including return travel) supporting a local community project. The projects support social change, social justice or environmental protection.

We train on peace

Before carrying out the mission, we offer the school a training session on interculturality, social justice, sustainable development and non-violent conflict resolution.

We have a network

We work with local projects in all of Switzerland’s language regions. The projects are related to the environment, social work and culture.


What the participants say

“As teachers, through volunteering, you get to know the pupils from a completely different angle, which is very valuable. The breathtaking natural scenery and the pleasant feeling of having done something meaningful were great motivators for me.”

Davina L., teacher at the Campus Muristalden (Berne)

“I found this week and especially the working days exciting because we were able to see life from a different perspective and find out what life in the countryside is like, for example.”

Victoria D., student at the Campus Muristalden (Berne)

 “The trip to Parc Ela was a great success. The students and we teachers were delighted with the way SCI and Parc Ela organised the event. As we only had two days of work, the student’s motivation was not a problem. The students worked very hard over the two days. I enjoyed doing some ‘clean-up’ work with the project and my class. I’d like to thank SCI once again for your commitment. We were able to get the most out of this effort and the whole week.”

Kathrin D. B., teacher at the Reussbühl Cantonal School in Lucerne

“The work was hard, but at the same time I found it meaningful because we were able to help farmers who didn’t have the time to do everything. The feeling after work was quite positive because you know that tiredness comes from work and that you’ve done something.”

Vivienne T., student at the Campus Muristalden (Berne)

“I think it was great to help the people there, even though the work was hard. It was definitely a meaningful activity and it also motivated me. The farmers’ work was really impressive, as these tasks are part of their daily routine. But they also showed us respect, which was reflected in their gestures during the shared meals.”

Alina R., student at the Campus Muristalden (Berne)

“I liked this work because it was something new for me. I didn’t know anything about managing pastures for cows.”

Laurin S., student at the Campus Muristalden (Berne)

What is a school volunteer programme?

School volunteer programmes are short-term voluntary activities lasting 2 to 3 days. Together, the young participants support a social, ecological or cultural project in another linguistic region of Switzerland. Together, they learn about mutual respect and understanding through collaboration.

School volunteer programmes’ goals:

  • Volunteering in a social, environmental or cultural project

  • Acquiring a range of skills and competencies

  • Informal learning

  • Cultural exchange in another language region

  • Strengthen teamwork skills


We work with local projects in the Grisons, Ticino and the French-speaking Switzerland. The projects are mainly in the environmental field. For more information, please contact us: nathalia.zimmermann@scich.org

What does SCI Switzerland and its partner organisations offer?

  • Preparation and follow-up of the volunteer programme

  • Camp visit by an SCI staff member or a local volunteer

  • Training: We offer a training session on various subjects before or during the project, for example on social justice, sustainable development, equal rights, non-violent conflict resolution and much more, so that the young people taking part can tackle a subject in greater depth. Through intercultural dialogue and exchange, we can promote a critical understanding of the world and changes in our society.

What should the school organise?


(Scout house, school, youth hostel, tent, etc.). Projects can provide a list of accommodation recommendations


cooking yourself, cooking in the camp


Conditions of participation:

  • Groups of 5 to 20 participants with one or more accompanying persons
  • Motivation and willingness to take an active part in the work and group life. Specific prior knowledge or professional qualifications are not required
  • Minimum age: from secondary school age (ideally from the age of 14)
  • Evaluation of the workcamp after return

Costs for participants:

  • Travel costs

  • Participation fee CHF 20 per person

  • We would appreciate a donation!

    SCI Switzerland is a certified non-profit organisation. In order to organise volunteer missions, as well as to prepare and monitor volunteers, we rely on participation fees, memberships and donations. Participation fees cover only a small part of the actual effort. SCI Switzerland is mainly supported by its members and long-term donors, as well as by the government. SCI Switzerland also implements projects with the main contribution of local project partners.


Do you have any questions?

Contact us if you have any questions or for personal advice on 031 381 46 20 or nathalia.zimmermann@scich.org 

Group study trips to Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan

If you would like to experience a cultural exchange abroad with your class, we also organise trips to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We have local projects in both countries that are willing to host you.


Who are we?

SCI Switzerland is part of the international network Service Civil International (SCI). For over 100 years, SCI Switzerland has been committed to global peace in a broad sense through volunteer work at national and international level, for social justice, sustainable development, equality, solidarity and non-violent conflict resolution. Under the slogan “Volunteering for Peace”, it enables volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds to work on non-profit projects. By working together, they experience mutual respect and understanding – without prejudice. Volunteering thus becomes a symbol of a peaceful and co-operative world. SCI Switzerland is politically and denominationally independent.

Our programme includes workcamps, long-term volunteer placements, eastward projects, seminars and local projects.