As a camp coordinator in a Workcamp, you will be responsible for a group of international volunteers in Switzerland. You will be part of the group and work on the project. Also you will have additional tasks, such as informing the SCI team about the progress of the workcamp and mediating between the project partner and the volunteer group.


  • Basic knowledge of English + at least one national language
  • Residence in Switzerland
  • Participation in the preparatory seminar. At a preparation seminar, camp coordinators learn how to work in an intercultural team, resolve conflicts non-violently, and react appropriately in delicate situations.


  • Participation in the workcamp (including meals and lodging) is free of charge for camp coordinators.
  • Travel expenses are reimbursed on request on a half-fare basis.
  • In addition, camp coordinators receive a free trial membership for one year.


Contact Hannah ( for an assignment in a Swiss workcamp.

«The energy that I felt in these two weeks was wonderful and will always be remembered.»

Robin Müller, camp coordinator in Lausanne

Civil service

Today you can do civil service with SCI, above all as a camp coordinator in workcamps in Switzerland. The assignments take place from July to September. This is when you can do short assignments of two to three weeks per workcamp. >> More info

Youth Leave

If you are employed and under 30 years of age, you can take one week of youth leave as a camp coordinator.

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