«In so many ways were we able to benefit from these engagements and can highly recommend working together with SCI.»

Sandra Gerlach

Project partner landscape concept Neckertal

SCI Switzerland supports ecological, social and cultural projects partners through volunteering.

SCI Switzerland supports ecological, social and cultural projects through volunteering. We establish contacts between our project partners and a group of international volunteers, who can, e.g., deal with landscape maintenance or renovation work, or help with festivals or tent camp construction. Such group assignments (workcamps) take place above all in summer. The work assignment must benefit the public and be of use, and furthermore be in agreement with the ideals of SCI Switzerland.


  • 8 to 20 people (including a Swiss camp coordinator)
  • 2 to 3 weeks
  • 5 to 6 hours of work a day (free weekend)

The volunteer group organize themselves (preparation of meals, cleaning, community life, etc.). In each volunteer group there is a camp coordinator as an intermediary between SCI Switzerland, the project partner and the volunteers. The camp coordinator is prepared for this role by SCI Switzerland.


  • That they Instruct volunteers during their work assignment and explain the purpose of the project
  • That they organize a study sequence with regard to the project or a related topic (e.g. biodiversity in an environmental project)
  • That they organize simple accommodation and meals for volunteers (group room with mattresses, tents, etc.)
  • That they contribute financially to the insurance of the volunteers (CHF 1.50 per day and volunteer)
  • That they organize cultural activities for the volunteers in their free time or provide them with a cultural budget of CHF 2.- a day

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