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Mini-Workcamp with Wendy Welt in Aargauer Jura

16th Juni 2023 - 18th Juni 2023

If you are free on the weekend of 16-18 June and would like to make a contribution to a local animal and nature project, then save the date. The project Lebenshof “Wendy Welt” needs hands to collect grass, re-stack branches and cut hedges, among many other tasks! Interested? Read below!

THE PROJECT: The group will work with the local project partner Lebenshof “Wendy‐Welt“. The aim of this project, who is organizing the mini-workcamp, is to take in animals that have been abandoned or that people don’t want anymore and offer them a safe space to live.

The participants will work in “Wendy-Welt” (Wilerweg 3, 5317 Hettenschwil).

TYPE OF WORK: We will be a group of max. 20 volunteers. The group of volunteers will gather up cut grass, restack piles of branches that have that have slipped in width, cut the high grass in the hedges with sickles so that the young shrubs have room to grow, free sand and stone piles from vegetation/overgrowth, cut out blackthorns and thistles, check trees to make sure the protection is not too close and otherwise loosen or remove them, and clear bee flowers of overgrowth, etc. The work that needs to be done is absolutely manual work, practically nothing can be done with machines.



16th Juni 2023
18th Juni 2023