New European Voluntary Service opportunities in Switzerland (from October 2023)!


We are looking for 2 volunteers from abroad (Europe and partner countries*) between 18-30 years old – for stays of 10-12 months.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme was created in order to promote solidarity and a sense of community among younger people within Europe (and other partner Countries). With this project, participants get to volunteer for many different organisations with various cultural and social aims. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop their competences, it is not merely an internship experience, as it allows space for self-discovery and the development of personal projects. 

EVS is financed by Movetia, the Swiss national Agency and therefore completely free for all participants. It includes travel expenses, food and accomodation, a language course and pocket money.

EVS opportunities available in Switzerland

#1 Project: Läbensschuel / school of life (Steckborn, Switzerland)

1 VOLUNTEER – 10 months (Start: 20th of October 2023 or by arrangement)

Deadline for the application: as soon as possible

Description: The Läbesschuel / School of life is a project within the community of Schloss Glarisegg. Main activity within the EVS is to support accompanying the children in their learning journey. All the activities take place at Schloss Glarisegg community. We have different places within the community, we sometimes work outside (forest, beach, neighbour farm or garden), sometimes in the ‘Montessori’ room, other times in the main school building where we have a kitchen, a workshop, a library, a technic room and a main room. 

MORE INFO: Tasks, conditions of participation and how to apply

*For this project you can apply if you are resident in a European country or in one of the following partner countries: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Lybia, Marocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestine, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine.

#2 Project: ASYLUM CENTER RADOS (Valais, Switzerland)

We are looking for Swiss residents for different internships (European Voluntary Service) in Belgium, Catalonia and Kosovo.

1 VOLUNTEER – 12 months (Start: mid-October 2023 or by arrangement)

Deadline for the application: as soon as possible

Description: The Asylum Office of the canton of Valais provides several centers in the region, where asylum seeking persons live, work and get education during the time they wait for their decision for a stay permit. The Asylum Office will host 2 volunteers at the center « Le Rados ». Volunteers have the opportunity to work with different target groups (Unaccompanied minors, young adults, mothers with children, families…).

MORE INFO: Tasks, conditions of participation and how to apply

*Only persons residing in a European country can apply for this project.


Are you interested in becoming an EVS volunteer?

Please read carefully the document « Tasks, conditions of participation and how to apply » of the project to which you want to apply. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us –

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