Take part in a vegan-organic weekend in Sornetan (BE) in August!


If you would like to learn more about concepts like «vegan-organic agriculture» and «vegan-organic permaculture», then we have a proposal for you: participate in the mini-workcamp that will take place from 2-4 August on a vegan-organic and sustainable permaculture farm in Sornetan (BE)!


The aim of the local workcamp hosting partner, who is organizing the mini-workcamp, is to create a vegan-organic and sustainable permaculture farm, where they wish to show people that truly ecological (and vegan) lifestyle is also possible in the mountains.


This camp is family-friendly, which means volunteers can be accompanied by children. There is no minimum age for children (maximum age is 15 to still count as a child). There is space for max. two children. The children are not included in the max. number of 6 volunteers.


You will rake the low-nutrient meadows and turn them into slowworm dormitories (mulch piles). The purpose is: low-nutrient meadows only stay with a lot of different wild flowers, if one cut the meadow every year and bring the grass away; the other two reasons are to initiate mulch production that will fertilize the soil of the garden, and to maintain the area for those animal species that live in mulch piles, such as wild bees, blindworms, wood ants and even snakes. You will also plant some trees/bushes for the forest garden, fence them and saw wood. When it’s hot, you will mainly work in the evenings and in the early mornings, while when it’s cold/rainy – during the “office” hours.
You will cook organic, vegan, and seasonal food together with the workcamp hosting partner, as well as hand wash and dry the dishes.  

After lunch on Sunday afternoon it is time to travel back home (the bus depart on Sundays only from Souboz, village (= half hour walking) at 16:24).


You will discuss such topics as:

  • Why being vegan is essential for peace;
  • What vegan-organic agriculture is;
  • What vegan-organic permaculture is.

Apart from that, you can also talk to the workcamp hosting partners about homeschooling, as they adhere to the methods of homeschooling or ask what open pollinated seeds have to do with food sovereignty.


There are two to three rooms for volunteers – one with a door (also possible: sleeping outside on the mulch/under the linden tree). Things to take with you are a sleeping bag and a comfortable camping mattress.

Required spoken language: English
Camp spoken languages: German / French / Dutch / a bit of Italian

The camp spoken language depends on the participants of the group – if the group is international you will stick to English, but if you have any questions, the workcamp hosting partner can speak German, Dutch, French, and Italian. You don’t need to speak all these languages to participate in the camp. 🙂

Please, keep in mind that during this weekend it will not be possible to learn French, as the place where it takes place is isolated from the French speaking village (where the French speaking locals live).

COSTS: The participation fee for the mini-workcamp is CHF 60.

If you have completed an apprenticeship and are under 25, we can offer a scholarship.


Here you can find the CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS.

Please be aware: Sufficient insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participants in any case! SCI does not provide insurance for this vegan-organic weekend.


If you want to participate in the mini-work camp, please fill in this form.

Deadline: 19 July

If you have any questions, please write to us at info@scich.org or call us on 031 381 46 20.

**We value environmental sustainability and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Therefore, please note that we will not be accepting volunteer applications from individuals planning to travel to the project by plane. Join us in our commitment to a vegan organic weekend in Sornetan, Bern, in August while embracing eco-friendly modes of transportation.**

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