Take part in the training “FUNding Peace: the power grid for your project!” in Belgium!


Peaceweek on Migration and Climate Emergency in Barcelona

We are looking for 2 participants (people living in Switzerland) for the 6-day training course “FUNding Peace: the power grid for your project!” in De Hoge Rielen, Belgium (June 26th – July 2nd 2022)!

*To participate in the international seminars or trainings, you only need to become a member of SCI Switzerland. The travel costs, your participation fee, food and accommodation are covered by SCI Switzerland and the Movetia Foundation.

The FUNding Peace training course will connect 24 (future) project leaders in an open and supportive platform, empowering them to exchange ideas and boost their capacities to plan and implement successful international projects which are sustainable and inclusive. The training will be based on principles of non-formal education which are participatory and dynamic.

Background of the project

SCI is a century-old volunteering organisation, with a commitment to implementing high-quality volunteering opportunities and projects. We are ready to take on a challenge: we want to fill the existing gap between young people with energy, enthusiasm, and ideas for implementing projects on the one hand, and the SCI movement that can support them in bringing these projects to life on the other hand. Inspired by an African proverb “One hand alone does not clap”, we want to join young people on an adventure to create synergies and (co)organise activities that are cherishing diversity and making our society connected, resilient and caring for people and the planet.

This training focuses on the process of project design, implementation, and evaluation. It will be practical, and encourage participants to develop real ideas for future projects. It will be an opportunity to build international networks needed to organise an international project. It is an opportunity for young people to come together, connect with their European peers and SCI, map important topics and needs, share visions and plan future projects. We will be located in a venue surrounded with nature, that offers comfort and tranquillity needed for group building.

Before the training course, participants will engage with online modules that focus on the topics of Sustainability and Gender to build/ expand their common understanding of how to organise projects in a sustainable and inclusive way. This will allow us to go deeper into these topics during the training course itself. After the training course, participants will be invited to follow-up webinars to review and expand on topics raised during the training.


  1. Support with knowledge, inspiration and skills needed to initiate cross-cultural (peace) projects;
  2. Cultivate young people’s capacity to integrate key topics in their projects, such as climate justice, antidiscrimination, inclusiveness and intersectionality;
  3. Lay foundations of an open and supportive platform that helps young people to become active citizens.


Financial conditions:

  • A participation fee of €50 will apply as a contribution to travel and administrative costs. If this prevents you from applying, please contact the project team;
  • Food and accommodation during the training course will be provided;
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed after the up to an agreed limit depending on the sending country;
  • Other necessary expenses, such as visa fees or COVID-tests will be reimbursed after approval by organisers.

 Participant’s profile:

  • are (ideally) age 18-30;
  • can express themselves in (basic) English;
  • are resident in a Council of Europe Member State;
  • are committed to participating in online modules & workshops before and after the activity. We ask that you spend 3 hours before the training on the online modules;
  • are/ want to become active in the field of peace education, active participation, intercultural dialogue in their communities or at the international level;
  • are/ want to become leaders/ trainers of international activities;
  • (ideally) have attended at least 1 international activity in the past;
  • want to build/ expand their international peer network;
  • are motivated to bring forward their ideas and initiate cross-cultural (peace) projects in the future.

Ready to apply?


For any questions related to the application, please contact us at larissa.fankhauser@scich.org 

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