Voices of volunteers from the training course «Inner Peace and Peace with Nature»

Here are some voices of volunteers who participated in the « Inner Peace and Peace with Nature » training that took place in Winterthur (Switzerland) between 13 and 19 October. Participants deepened knowledge and understanding of the concept of peace and its different levels (intrapersonal, interpersonal, with nature) with a focus on the intrapersonal level – living in peace with myself and living in peace with nature.

DAY 1:

We made it 🙂

It all started with our awesome aim to deepen our understanding for peace in ourselves our communities and even beyond that.

30 people from different corners of the our dynamic world to Winterthur, we all are thrilled to be part of an intensive 6 day training full of new and insightful practices and experiences.

As for the first day, it was a good start. Despite every travel adventure that everyone went through, we all managed to be present and enjoy each other’s company at its most. The bottom line is : it has already started to feel like a big family…

By Blerina D. 

DAY 2:

You are the owner of your well-being

Some say that winning the lottery is when your trainer loses their voice. For others, it’s discovering small steps toward achieving inner peace.

Today our puzzle is complete. We have all 28 participants with their baggage (you pick the definition), knowledge, issues, determination, courage, and impact. We mix and we match. We explore. We (re)define.

Objectives of this training course: better understanding of peace; how to live more in peace; tools & techniques that will help us to achieve balance; exchange knowledge and ideas; plan follow-ups.

Highlights of the day: our so-called interviews that included a significant amount of active listening; the time affluence experiment which led us to a Winterthur tour, a mountain walk, or a photography exhibition; the endless list of proposals for techniques and methods for achieving a state of inner peace; open books and curious questions.

Willing to explore something new? Find beauty; enjoy nature; opt for visualization, isolation, or meditation; produce or consume art; try Trauma and Tension Release Exercises (or simple TRE – let the Googling start now!); venture into Contact Improvisation; cry; walk; talk; love.

By Liliya D.

DAY 3:

What is happiness? Folk dance? A walk in nature? Stop. Look. Be grateful

The third day of the training course « Inner peace and peace with nature » was dedicated to the concepts of happiness, gratefulness and mindfulness. The sessions were punctuated by some songs and dances.

What makes us happy based on sociology studies?
How can we improve our happiness by simple daily methods?
What are the benefits of being grateful and mind ful in your life?

The day finished with 2 special guests, Martina and Cris who offered us a session of gong and music meditation.

By Mélanie B.

DAY 4:

Sun-day, 16.10.2022 the sun accompanies us during this day during which we explore the thematic of stress

First, we were invited to share the level of stress certain situation in life give us (« guys, most of us answered that they would feel extremely stressed by losing their phones, this is scary, we need to work on this » shared Bledi.!)

We then explore: its origins and evolution; our physiological and psychological reactions to it; how Eustress accompany us positively in the events of our life while one should pay attention to distress; what fabulous techniques exist to deal with it!

We then put these techniques directly into practice, spreading ourselves into small groups : music, mandala coloring, visual board or paintings =>> the house is so shining with peace !

Afterwards, it is internally that we shine, by experiencing 3 hours of silence (PS no photo of this experience…the phones having also been put under inner peace mode 😉

By Jeanne S.

DAY 5:

And the last day of Inner Peace and Peace with nature…. We started with a small workshop about the history of SCI. After, we enjoied a free space where the people could propose a topic to lead and others could join: free hugs corner, theatre, mental health, how is leaving in a ecovillage and more interesting topics. Then, we started brainstorming about our follow up activities. Finally, we closed the project doing an evaluation about the highlights of the training. Time to say goodby, to be thankful and grateful and proceed all the new knowledge. Thank you Goska and Natalie to facilitate and design this amazing training!

By Ariadna I.

This project was financially supported by Movetia. Movetia promotes exchange, mobility and cooperation within the fields of education, training and youth work – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. 

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