Voices of volunteers from the training course « Peace with Others »

Here are some voices of volunteers who participated in the « Peace with Others » training that took place in Lenzburg (Switzerland) between 19 and 25 May. Participants deepened their knowledge and understanding of the concept of peace and its different levels (intrapersonal, interpersonal, with nature).

“Frankly speaking, the training Peace with others has been a life changing experience for me. Why? By virtue of at that time I was going through hardship and being in a setting with such amazing and inspiring folks help me to reflect on my doings and see matters from a positive angle.” Mer Z.- PVN Albania

« I would like to thank you so much for this opportunity which was very helpful to understand more about social and emotional intelligence and especially on nonviolent communication. I am quite interested to apply for the second part of Peace with nature in October. Thanks to you, this journey of mine gained some knowledge, made new friends and created beautiful memories. Hopefully to see you soon. » Brezita F. – GAIA Kosovo

« No matter if you are into your looks due to the shameless disregard of an unfulfilled soul, your language barrier fights your innate cheer, your name originates within an academic triumph, you have a cutting-edge style for visual alternatives, you are a victim of morality or you simply try not to burst into laughter aiming to hide the desperation for humankind, I can positively tell you one thing: you are not alone.

 During the past week, I had the blessing to be surrounded by hands and hearts full of light, lightness, burdens, confrontation, giggles and joy. I was looking for harmony and serenity with others while disentangling the illusion that my inner tranquiLility was already circulating within my body.

Welcome to my version of Peace with Others.

Peace with Others as a journey

Peace with Others as a journey started with an application sent without explanations. I didn’t tell anyone but myself who I also tried to convince that things will or will not happen for a reason. The past year has taught me to go for fewer expectations. All I do now is place some hope on the map and keep an eye open for directions that an air sign with a head in the cloudseasily tends to forget both with and without a silver lining.

The mail caught me by surprise while I was sports-shoe-shopping for my mother. I knew that once I start to dig deeper, excuses not to go will encroach on my mind.Lack of proper bed, tons of work that I can’t miss to deal with in order to have a care-free summer, my inability to make a good first impression, scarcity of will to meet new people that has gotten even stronger lately and many more. Excuses one usually makes when she is afraid of something.So I took a deep breath, opened the calendar, checked the dates, took another breath and replied with a confirmation. Exactly one month later, I was on a flight to Switzerland with a suitcase full of panic, curiosity, tension and hope.

Peace with Others as a mission

Peace with Others as a mission is something that you have to discover and decipher on your own. Sometimes it can be found when you least expect it.It can be written in simple gestures that make your help prepare and serve breakfast. It’s there when you are bringing bread to the person on your left, when you save a seat or when you offer your seat. It’s also there when you provide a helping shoulder and when you accept one; when you move heavy tablestogether; when you light fire together; when someone lights your fire and keeps it burning.

Peace with Others as friendship

Imagine a certain someone. You know how they like their breakfast. You know the noises that make them angry. You know the time it takes them to compose an outfit and you’ve successfully decomposed meals together. You know how to hear their privacy in public. You know if they wrinkle the pillow. You know their go-to bralette choice. You know both their unusual bathroom habits and the usual content of their suitcase. You know a lot! And yet you know nothing ». Continue reading the text on Lily Dakova’s Blog!

This project was financially supported by Movetia. Movetia promotes exchange, mobility and cooperation within the fields of education, training and youth work – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. 

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