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European Voluntary Service, what is it?Β 

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme was created in order to promote solidarity and a sense of community among younger people within Europe (and other partner Countries). With this project, participants get to volunteer for many different organisations with various cultural and social aims. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop their competences, it is not merely an internship experience, as it allows space for self-discovery and the development of personal projects.

EVS is financed by Movetia, the Swiss national Agency and therefore completely free for all participants. It includes travel expenses, food and accomodation, a language course and pocket money.

Interested? evs@scich.orgΒ 



6 – 12 months


between 17 – 29 years old

For Swiss residents only

Available internship opportunities


πŸ“ GAIA Kosovo

πŸ“† 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2021

πŸ‘‰Β EVS-Kosovo


πŸ“ CVS-Bulgaria

πŸ“† 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2021

πŸ‘‰ EVS-Bulgaria


πŸ“Β VCV Serbia

πŸ“† 15.02.2021 – 17.09.2021

πŸ‘‰ EVS-Serbia

Catalonia (Spain)

πŸ“Β Els avets

πŸ“† 01.07.2021 – 31.12.2021

πŸ‘‰ EVS-Catalonia


πŸ“Β Open Doors

πŸ“† 01.08.2021 – 31.07.2022

πŸ‘‰ EVS-Hungary


Voices of Volunteers

Read reports from volunteers from around the world on the SCI International blog. Let yourself be inspired by their experiences!
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