Participate in the ‘Peaceweek: young activists against LGTBIQ+phobia’ in Barcelona!


We are looking for 2 participants living in Switzerland for the ‘Peaceweek: young activists against LGTBIQ+phobia’ which will take place from 18 to 26 November in Barcelona.

*To participate in the international seminars or trainings, you only need to become a member of SCI Switzerland. The travel costs, your participation fee, food and accommodation are covered by SCI Switzerland and the Movetia Foundation.

The aim of the activity proposed is to strengthen the capacities of SCI and youth LGBTIQ+ organizations in order to contribute to more inclusive societies through the struggle for the rights of LGBTIQ+ people and the promotion of volunteering as a tool to erase hate speech towards LGBTIQ+ people. The participants will share their visions and experiences and will have the opportunity to be trained in LGTBIQ+ rights.

In total, there will be a group of 22 young people from Catalonia, Switzerland, Germany, Palestine, Jordan, Serbia, Italy, Estonia, Ukraine, Madrid and Bulgaria.


1. Create a safe space for the participants to strengthen their capacities.
2. Get to know the realities of the different countries (institutional discriminations, violations of rights, LGBTIQ+ movement, resistance, alliances, asylum procedures).
3. Exchange good practices.
4. Get to know local projects.
5. Promote volunteerism and active citizenship as tools of social transformation.
6. Explore topics such as the connection between LGBTIQ+ communities and different groups/movements (feminists, sex workers, refugees/migrants).
7. Explore the topics from a decolonial, anti racist perspective bringing to light different levels of discrimination and privileges.
The activity proposed has the form of a PeaceWeek, which is like a workcamp with an important part of study session. We are still designing the program and the more suitable topics to address. The topics will depend on the needs of the Gender Blenders Working Group.


  • Exchange of good practices between youth workers and volunteers, networking between international organizations.
  • Commit to take concrete actions supporting the struggles of feminist and LGBTIQ+ movements and eliminate hate speech.
  • Motivate SCI branches to be more involved with the LGBTI movement in their local contexts.

More details on the project and the provisional programme can be found in this document.


If you are interested in participating, please contact Loretta as soon as possible: 

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