Read Simran’s experience at the Mini-Workcamp “Bio-Vegan Weekend in Sornetan”!

“Taking a break from sitting in front of our computers all day long, to presenting oneself with unknown, challenging tasks, this short workcamp I participated in over September this year definitely gave me a fresh perspective to life and on what I can give to our society as a part of my life here on our beautiful planet. If I could, I would definitely advocate volunteering programs! Despite a brief 3 days Workcamp, I’ve gained so much
from participating in it.

I attended the Workcamp from 23rd September to 25th September in Sornetan, Bern with the goal to create a bio-vegan and sustainable permaculture farm. Our hosts Ms. Monika B., Mr. Werner G. and their lovely son Olivier were extremely friendly and accommodating. They undoubtedly took us in as family, and always ensured a new experience for us, preparing the best of bio-vegan meals, games evening and discussions on various topics.

We were 3 volunteers in total and the group dynamic was simply great, it was so easy to get along and share each other’s experiences. Being in such a small group gave me the opportunity to interact closely with others and learn from each other’s experiences. Our work majorly revolved around permaculture farming, and our duties included steeping the meadows and preparing the farm for winter. The evenings were extremely interactive, and getting to know their way of living and the importance of the work we were taking part in. We were also shown a documentary “Unser Saatgut”, reflecting upon the ongoing trends in farming around the World and the passionate individuals involved in making this World a better place.

My expectations for the camp were getting experience, understanding permaculture farming and getting to know new people, but I ended up getting more, new friends, new hobbies and must admit, a more flexible view of life and cultures. So, if you have some time, participate in Workcamps because the world needs help everywhere and this would be the most satisfying use of your free time. At a time when our planet is in severe crisis, and much of it is due to our flawed food system, there is no better school than Earth-friendly farming.”

By Simran B.

You can see photos from the weekend in this Instagram and Facebook post.


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