Take part in the Training Course “Training of Trainers for Peace” in Switzerland!


We are looking for 28 international participants (4 participants residing in Switzerland) to join the one-week training course “Training of Trainers for Peace” which will take place from 16 to 23 November near Bern, Switzerland.

If you are interested in non-formal learning, would like to develop your trainer and facilitation skills, and want to learn more about how to provide high-quality non-formal activities for peace (workshops, webinars, workcamps, training courses…), apply for the training!

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS for educators and trainers (also to-be trainers), leaders, volunteers, and youth workers


With the “Educators for Peace” project, we are ready to share our expertise with you, support you in becoming an educator and changemaker, and gaining competences essential for building a peaceful and nonviolent world. The project will last through 2023 and 2024 and aims at inspiring and training educators and changemakers who are willing to deliver high-quality educational events for peace and become multipliers and messengers of peace, while creating a chain of follow-up actions for promoting and living peace. It consists of several steps:

  1. International training course “Training of Trainers for Peace” in November 2023 in Köniz near Bern, Switzerland.
  2. International training course “Peace Education Market” in April 2024 in Köniz near Bern, Switzerland.
  3. Local actions for peace organised by the training participants (December 2023- September 2024).

Read more about our project here


The main focus of the training will be on how to plan, design, and deliver high-quality educational activities in offline and online settings. During the training you will:

  • deepen your knowledge and understanding of the concept of learning, how it happens, and how you can support the learning processes,
  • develop your facilitation skills in offline and online settings,
  • learn how to live peace and act for peace through small-scale actions that can be done even without big resources,
  • get equipped with various training tools and methods you can later use in your work and everyday life,
  • be offered space for the safe exchange of good practices, of inspiration, of sharing resources and ideas,
  • plan a follow-up action to take place in your local community upon the course completion. 


The project is intended for the following types of participants:

  • activists, enthusiasts, volunteers willing to become trainers and educators;
  • youth workers with a strong interest in peace topics and its appliance in their work with youngsters. 

There are a few formal requirements you need to satisfy to join the training course:

  1. You need to be a resident of one of the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, France, Jordan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, or Switzerland.
  2. You should be able to communicate in English.
  3. You must be minimum of 18 years of age.
  4. You need to attend the whole course duration (there is no possibility to make exceptions).
  5. You commit yourself to organise a follow-up action for peace in your local community / country upon the course completion (these can be e.g. a workshop on peace, street action, online campaign, presentation, screening, peace caravan, discussion, workcamp, etc.) 

Please read the CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS. In the document, you will find all the information (requirements, financial conditions, how to apply, venue, etc.).

This project is financially supported by Movetia. Movetia promotes exchange, mobility and cooperation within the fields of education, training and youth work – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. Thanks to Movetia, we will cover 100% your food, accommodation and insurance, as well as all organisational costs (training materials, etc.) up to the lump sum limit. 

*If you are a participant living in Switzerland, to participate in international seminars or trainings, you only need to become a member of SCI Switzerland. The travel costs, your participation fee, food, and accommodation are covered by SCI Switzerland and Movetia.

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