Mini-Workcamp in September: Bio-Vegan Weekend in Sornetan (BE)


We are looking for volunteers for the mini-Workcamp « Bio-Vegan Weekends » that will take place in Sornetan (BE) from 23 to 25 September!

Volunteer age: 16 – 99

Introduction: The aim of the local project partner, who is organizing the mini-workcamp, is to create a bio-vegan and sustainable permaculture farm, where they will be able to show people that truly ecological (and vegan) lifestyle is also possible in the mountains.

Type of Work: You will mainly rake the steep meadow (the purpose is to maintain the meadows and organically remove thistles, as the latter cannot be eaten by cows, and still have to be removed even from vegan farms, as they can crowd out other plants, therefore it is prescribed to control thistle in canton Bern; the other two reasons are to initiate mulch production that will fertilize the soil of the garden, and to maintain the area for those animal species that live there, such as wild bees, blindworms, and even snakes), and harvest walnuts and apples. Besides, you may transport wood using the antique handcart.

When it’s hot, you will mainly work in the evenings and in the early mornings, while when it’s cold/rainy – during the “office” hours.

During the weekend you will cook organic, vegan, and seasonal food together with the project partner, as well as hand wash and dry the dishes.

Study Theme:

You will discuss such topics as:
– Why being vegan is essential for peace;
– What bio-vegan agriculture is;
– Bio-vegan permaculture.

Apart from that, you can also talk to the project partners about homeschooling, as they adhere to the methods of homeschooling.

Accommodation: There are two – three rooms for volunteers – one with a door (also possible: sleeping outside on the mulch/under the linden tree). Things to take with you are a sleeping bag and a comfortable camping mattress

Costs: Accommodation and food expenses are covered. There is no participation fee. If you would like to make a donation, we would be very grateful! [IBAN: CH26 0900 0000 8003 3387 4]

Required spoken language: English

Camp spoken languages: German / French / Dutch / a bit of Italian. The camp spoken language depends on the participants of the group – if the group is international you will stick to English, but if you have any questions, the project partners can speak German, Dutch, French, and Italian. You don’t need to speak all these languages to participate in the camp 🙂

If you are interested in joining the Mini-Workcamp, please fill out this application form.

Deadline to apply: As soon as possible!

Interested? Send an email to

More information:

Wheelchair accessible? Unfortunately, not

What to bring:
– A sleeping bag and a camping mattress
– Slippers
– Good sturdy shoes
– Sun protection, rainwear, and a scarf (in case it is drafty)
– Ecological body wash
– In order to reach the bus stop on your way home you will have to hike up a gravel path, therefore it is advisable to take backpacks and avoid suitcases.

What NOT to bring:
– Alcohol
– Tobacco products
– Animal products
– No pets

Who should you contact if you need further information?

  • For special needs (not announced in your application form) and specific questions about the workcamp
  • Inability to arrive on the first day of the workcamp, need to leave before the end of the workcamp (NOT recommended, last option)
  • Visa and entrance in Switzerland questions/issues

SCI Switzerland: 
Landline: +41 31 381 46 20 (usually Monday – Thursday ~ 10-17 h Swiss time)

General information for volunteers taking part in SCI Workcamps in Switzerland

There is an additional general document for all SCI Workcamps in Switzerland online.

On this file you might find some important information on further questions you might have, such as:

  • Arrival and departure policy
  • Insurance and health
  • Visa fees reimbursement
  • Travelling around Switzerland
  • What kind of clothing you should bring, other items you might need
  • Useful information about Switzerland (sleeping list, shopping, electricity plugs, entering Switzerland, roaming etc.)

Read this general part of the information sheet carefully.

Best regards,
Your SCI Switzerland team

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