Interested in youth hostel management? Do your European Voluntary Service in Italy!


We are looking for 1 volunteer living in Switzerland, between 18 and 30 years old, for a stay of 6 months.

The project starts as soon as possible and the start date can be discussed by agreement. The  project lasts  6 months. It  is  part  of  the  Erasmus+  program “European Voluntary Service (EVS)”.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme was created in order to promote solidarity and a sense of community among younger people within Europe (and other partner Countries). With this project, participants get to volunteer for many different organisations with various cultural and social aims. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop their competences, it is not merely an internship experience, as it allows space for self-discovery and the development of personal projects.

EVS is financed by Movetia, the Swiss national Agency and therefore completely free for all participants. It includes travel expenses, food and accomodation, a language course and pocket money.


Vedogiovane is offering together with SCI Switzerland an EVS position for 1 volunteer in Rio Marina, Elba Island (Tuscany).

Vedogiovane is running a youth Hotel (Elba del Vicino) that is also a social and youth project that provides hospitalities for groups and families; a youth center for the young people that come in the afternoon for leisure activities, homework support and workshops and cantine service for the kids that need support as they families for different motivation are in need.

Elba del Vicino is also a project that is active in the local community: project with the local community; hosting every summertime Artistic Residency on specific topics; organizing and hosting international projects within Erasmus + program financed by Movetia and several school groups for environmental discovery campus and the English campus.

More info about the EVS program and project Vedogiovane


You will have the opportunity to be involved in several activities: pedagogical ones and support the hostel management. In specific you will be involved in managing and maintaining of youth hostel; cantine preparation and support with the kids during the lunches; youth center activities with kids in the afternoon; homework support; summer camps. If you are interested, you can be involved in the Artistic Residency too. There will be also possibilities for outdoor activities. The team is open to designing the 6-month path with you and seeing how you can fit best with the needs of Elba del Vicino.


You will be hosted in a flat not far away from the youth hostel. Lunches will be provided in the youth hostel. Breakfast and dinners will be self-organized in the flat.

Basic conditions offered to long-term volunteers:

  • Accommodation and all meals
  • SCI health insurance
  • Pocket money
  • Continuous mentoring and support since arrival and throughout the stay
  • Final certification about the work done and competencies acquired
  • SCI Switzerland will manage all administrative matters (health insurance etc.)

How to apply

Please write to if you are interested in becoming an EVS volunteer or if you have some questions. Please note that you can only apply if you are between 18-30 years old and if you have not volunteered through the Swiss Erasmus+ before.

Send your application via email to your Sending Organisation with the subject: “EVS – Vedogiovane”, and include all the following documents in English or Italian:

1) CV, Curriculum Vitae
2) Specific motivation letter for the project

Deadline for the application: as soon as possible

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