Nomadic Art Camp (project of bArtCenter, Kyrgyzstan)

Call for volunteers

Start: 2022

Project description:

Nomadic Art Camp, a ten-year-old artistic and social experiment that brings together participants from different continents, is dedicated to creating international dialogue around topics like bio-cultural diversity, environmental threats, consumer culture, and the impact of nomadic life on communities.

Since 2011, the Nomadic Art Camp, has convened artists and researchers from different countries to share into the traditional way of life of Kyrgyz nomads on the shores of mountain lakes in the Tien Shan foothills on the Great Silk Road. They stay in a nomadic Kyrgyz yurts and travel to well-known, local, natural attractions to research this multi-ethnic country with amazing nature, rich history, spirituality, culture and biological diversity, encompassing traditional nomadic culture, shamanism, holy places, fauna and flora in a post-soviet setting.

The participants were also encouraged to partake in various aspects of the ecology and culture as a source for pure foods, recreation, detoxification, mental awakening, and restorative health from the medicinal properties of plants, music and folklore. The setting itself is an artistic muse.

More detailed information about the project is available online or as download: &

Today, as our world is up-ended by a pandemic that has pushed urgent issues such as climate change, economic sustainability and cultural preservation to the back burner, kind of international exchange created by Nomadic Art Camp is more vital than ever. Building on ten years of programming, our aim for the next five years is to create new bridges among communities around the world and activate a platform for long-term intercultural, interdisciplinary collaboration between different countries, facilitating an ongoing dialogue that characterized by the concept of exchange – among countries, between older and younger generations, between traditional and contemporary art.

Main tasks:

  • Have correspondence with universities and research institutions in Switzerland interested in cooperating with bArtCenter in any form (Already existingconnection to such organizations would be great but not obligatory).
  • Maintainand promote an Instagram page of bArtCenterand help with fundraising activities for the camp.
  • Help with the organization and facilitation of the nomadic art camp.

Volunteer profile:

A volunteer should be open-minded and reliable. It is also important for a volunteer to be able to work independently. Previous experience with social media would be an asset. Good knowledge of English is a must (some Russian might also be useful).


  • Participation fee – CHF 690.- (There is a reduction of CHF 30.- for those with no or little income.)
  • Local administration fee (Arrival transfer incl.): USD 142.-
  • 1-month language course (when needed): USD 400.-
  • 1-month homestay (2 meals per day included): USD 520.-

Note: Travel expenses are not included in the price

SCI Switzerland and bArtCenter offer:

  • Food and lodging on site
  • Assistance by SCI Switzerland before departure, during the assignment and after returning
  • Invitation letter for visas if needed
  • Preparation and evaluation of the assignment
  • One-year membership with SCI Switzerland (incl. SCI newsletter, reduction of seminar fees, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact Nathalia:

[The volunteering project will only happen, if the national regulations can be respected and the safety of participants and local communities can be ensured]

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Nomadic Art Camp
Nomadic Art Camp
Nomadic Art Camp

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