Volunteering in centers for rehabilitation and adaptation of children

15th April 2021

The B’Art Center project is looking for a volunteer in Kyrgyzstan!


Social engagement plays an important role for B’Art Center. Since 2007 the center supports orphanages, disadvantaged youth, homeless children and vulnerable families by organizing art therapies and different social projects. Childhood is an important stage in the development and formation of a human being. Constant care and support from adults is an important part of this process. Due to various circumstances some children must grow up in orphanages and boarding schools or even in the streets as they experience much stress and violence at home and feel an urgent need to leave their families.

Centers for Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Children in Bishkek provide their services for street children: they offer the young people psychological support and help them with the adaptation and integration in society. They also support children and youth in getting vocational education which will later help them to get some income. It is not easy and not always possible to provide every child with the required attention at its fullest, although the staff of the centers does their best. B’Art Center supports them and provides various workshops for children of different age groups. After the masterclasses there is always a big exhibition which presents the pieces of art created by children which are to some extend the reflection of the surrounding world in the eyes of these young people.

The works are filled with maturity one does not expect from a child, but also with joy and hope for a bright beautiful future. This fact suggests that such events as these masterclasses are very important and useful for the process of adaptation and personal development of disadvantaged children.


  • Teach languages (German or English) to children using creative methods (games, arts, etc.)
  • Organize one or more exhibitions with children’s works created during the masterclasses
  • Create events to support vulnerable families and disadvantaged children


A volunteer should be open-minded and reliable. It is also important for a volunteer to be able to work independently. Previous experience with disadvantaged children or families and knowledge of basics of non-formal education would be an asset. Good knowledge of English is a must (some Russian might also be useful).


  • Participation fee – CHF 690.- (There is a reduction of CHF 30.- for those with no or little income.) There is a reduction of CHF 350. – in the participation fee: now CHF 340.-
  • Local administration fee (Arrival transfer incl.): USD 142.-
  • 1-month language course (when needed): USD 400.-
  • 1-month homestay (2 meals per day included): USD 520.-

Note: Travel expenses are not included in the price


  • Food and lodging on site
  • Assistance by SCI Switzerland before departure, during the assignment and after returning
  • Invitation letter for visas if needed
  • Preparation and evaluation of the assignment
  • One-year membership with SCI Switzerland (incl. SCI newsletter, reduction of seminar fees, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact nathalia.zimmermann@scich.org

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